Sinulog sa Tanjay

Tanjay City – Negros Oriental


Tanjay is well known for the bodbod delicacy (sticky rice) all over Negros Oriental. Tanjay celebrates different festivals all year round, however, the Sinulog sa Tanjay is the most well-known and most enjoyable festival in Tanjay. It is celebrated on the month of July. Variations has changed the history of the Sinulog Festival over the years. Still, the people of Tanjay and guests from all over Negros enjoy the said festival due to the thrilling motif story line of the festival.

Sinulog Festival and its History

Way back when religion was still the main issue in our society, the people of Tanjay (influenced already by the Spaniards for Catholicism) were attacked by Moors (Muslim mixed with Arab). The town was devastated and prayed harder than ever to their patron saint, St. James the Greater, who is believed to have driven the Moors away from the city of Tanjay.


This story of the festival has caught many people’s attention through-out the year. The battle between Moors and Christians has inspired so many culture and literature works all over Negros. Another reason for the celebration of the Sinulog sa Tanjay is for the bountiful harvests of goods especially rice. The rice that are being harvested are being brought to town where skilled cooks created the famous delicacy called bodbod.


Despite the ancient history celebrated during the Sinulog sa Tanjay, modern events are being held as well. Miss Tanjay, live bands, variety shows, food booths and fore works display are some of the wonderful events celebrated along the Sinulog Festival in Tanjay.