Sinulog of Festival Jimalalud

Hambabalud Festival – Negros Oriental


More commonly known as Hambabalud Festival, the Sinulog in Jimalalud is celebrated annually on the month of January. The festival was originally named as Sinulog but was better known as Hambabalud Festival due to the uniqueness and originality of the name it emphasizes to the town.

Hambabalud Festival and its History

The celebration of the Hambabalud Festival circulates in the strong belief of the town’s people, nature, myths and tree fairies or nymphs. The sacred tree named Hambabalud brought all kinds of blessings to the town. As thanksgiving for the spirits and nymphs who guards the sacred tree, the Hambabalud Festival was created.

Mixed with a different belief, the celebration of the Hambabalud Festival honors as well the patron saint Santo Niño or Child Jesus who protects the town of Jimalalud. As Roman Catholics, this practice of traditions has been passed on through-out different generations.

During the showdown and street-dancing, one can see the beauty of nature flooding the streets as dancers dress themselves in trees, flowers, insects, birds and even fairy costumes. The festival is so eye catching that tourists from different places would come yearly for this tongue twisting festival.

Aside from the Hambabalud Festival Street Dancing and Showdown competition, events such as live bands, variety shows and the search of the Miss Jimalalud are essential for the festivity of the event. Carnivals, food booths and fireworks display can also be seen during this magical festival.