Buglasan Festival 2022 – Official Contingents

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Buglasan Festival 2022 – Official Contingents

Buglasan Festival 2022 is just around the corner. There are ten official contingent entries who will participate in this year’s street dancing and showdown competition this coming October 30, 2022. Since the hit of the pandemic last 2020, festivals were put on hold. After two years, the Festival of Festivals will make a grand comeback!

Here are the Buglasan Festival 2022 Official Entry:

1. Tapasayaw Festival – Bais City

The Tapasayaw Festival is a festival that celebrates the great harvest of sugarcane; locally known as tubo. “Tapas” is a word that means to cut or harvest sugarcane and “sayaw” which means dance. Today, Bais City is known to be one of the biggest producers of sugarcane in the province. It is only fitting that they pay patronage.

2. Pakol Festival – Santa Catalina

Pakol is a type of banana that is small, sweet, and has a lot of seeds. The municipality of Santa Catalina is known all over the province for their Pakol bananas. They are so sweet and so good that they attract monkeys from the furthest mountains of the province. It is fitting that they have a festival for it.

3. Puhag Festival of Valencia

The municipality of Valencia celebrates the Puhag Festival every October, just before the Buglasan festivities. It is a festival that celebrates the good harvest of honey. This festival is surely the buzzzzzz talk of the whole celebration.

4. Mantuod Festival of Manjuyod

If Santa Catalina is known for their bananas, Manjuyod is known for their mangoes! They have the sweetest variety called tuod. Hence the name of their festival “Man”ggang “Tuod” Festival. Have you tried the mangoes of Manjuyod?

5. Hambabalud Festival of Jimalalud

One of the oldest and most religious town in Negros Oriental is Jimalalud. Their Hambabalud Festival, is one historically rich festivity in the province. Whether you believe in myths, the thanksgiving celebration for the Hambabalud Tree and the tree nymph that guards it will surely amaze you. Today, they celebrate a milder festivity known as Sinulog sa Jimalalud. It’s nice to feature the older festival again during Buglasan.

6. Bodbod sa Tanjay of Tanjay City

One of the local delicacies of Tanjay City is the budbud (sticky rice in banana leaves). It is usually paired with native chocolate and fruits like mangoes. The city of Tanjay usually celebrates the Sinulog sa Tanjay every July. This Buglasan, they will make a festival rendition and incorporate their special delicacy.

7. Carabao de Colores of Vallehermoso

Have you ever seen a painted carabao? Well, chances are high if you come and join the Buglasan Festival 2022! Vallehermoso is a municipality located in the northern part of the province. They celebrated their first and only Carabao de Colores back in 2018. Now, it is making a comeback by joining the Buglasan competition.

8. Tawo Tawo Festival of Bayawan City

Tawo Tawo is one of the most recognizable festival in Negros Oriental. It is the only festival that celebrates with a scarecrow. In the olden days, the city of Bayawan suffered from famine due to crows eating their crops. As soon as they put up scarecrows, their harvest boomed! Hence, they pay patronage to the scarecrows and to Santo Tomas Villanueva.

9.Pasayaw Festival of Canlaon City

Canlaon City is known as the “Vegetable Basket of Negros Oriental”, and for good reasons. All year round, they produce some of the freshest and best vegetables for the province. During the month of March, the city celebrates the Pasayaw Festival. This means thanksgiving through dance.

10. Sandurot Festival of Dumaguete City

Last on our list for the Buglasan Festival competition is Sandurot Festival. Dumaguete City is known as the “City of Gentle People” and the capital of the province. Their festival revolves around the history of how Dumaguete became the resilient, gentle, and loving city it is today.

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