Langub Festival in Mabinay

Mabinay – Negros Oriental

Proud to be known as the “Cave Capital of the Philippines”, Mabinay is indeed a cave wonder municipality not only here in Negros Oriental but to the country. They are not only famous for their caves but also for their adventure parks and the Mabinay Springs. To celebrate the wonders of these caves the festivity of the Langub Festival is held in the town center on the month of January.

Langub Festival and its History

Back when Mabinay was still unknown, aborigines would travel and find caves as means of shelter. They lived within the protection of the caves for many years until the tribes slowly spread out to the lower valleys for a more civilized lifestyle. Since then, the caves played an important role in the culture and history of the municipality of Mabinay.

On the surrounding days of May 24, the annual celebration of the Langub Festival is held in the town center (Poblacion) of Mabinay. During the showdown and the street dancing, the dancers would dress in indigenous costumes and native clothes to emphasize the lifestyle of the aborigines during their stay in the caves. After the festival, the town celebration concludes with a fiesta in honor of the patron saint Santo Niño or Child Jesus.


Other events such as Miss Mabinay, variety shows and live bands are also being held for the modernized civilization Mabinay has turned into. Full of historical backgrounds and colorful costumes, the traditions of the Langub Festival is just a great event to watch.