Kanglambat Festival in Vallehermoso

Vallehermoso – Negros Oriental

Negros Oriental - Vallehermoso - Kanglambat Festival

The prosperous municipality of Vallehermoso is located in the northernmost part of Negros Oriental. Vallehermoso is known to be one of the most religious town in Negros Oriental. Being a Roman Catholic enriched town, fiestas are highly patronized in the area.

The Kanglambat Festival of Vallehermoso is also known as the Grand Fiesta of Vallehermoso. During the 13th or 15th of May, the 15 different barangays of Vallehermoso gather to celebrate as one happy town. During this time, festival street dancing and showdown are the high lights of the celebration. The search for the annual Miss Vallehermoso is also enjoyed as well as the different food booths and bargain stalls.

Brief History of the Kanglambat Festival

The term “lambat” is translated from the Visayan dialect which means fishnet. Since Vallehermoso is geographically located facing the ocean, fishery is not a livelihood to be surprised of. Since the earliest of time, Vallehermoso have used the traditional way of fishing through fishnets. With their small bangka boats, the journey to the waters to catch their marine harvest. The fishnets or lambat were used as weapons as well to anyone who invades the town.

It is said that with the help of the town’s patron saint, St. Isidore Labrador, the town became even more prestigious in their fishery. As a thanksgiving, they annually celebrate the Kanglambat Festival. Aside from the marine harvest, Vallehermoso is surrounded by mountainous areas going to San Carlos, Canlaon and Jimalalud. Fruits and crops can be seen in various floats, and costumes during the festival.

During the festival, vibrant colors can be seen by the different performers who portray the story of the town. People from different ages perform in various ways to make the whole celebration even merrier.