Kapaw Festival of Basay

Basay – Negros Orienal


Kapaw Festival, better known as “tingkapaw”, is celebrated on the month of February in the lovely municipality of Basay. This festival highlights the lifestyle of people living near the shore and what blessings they annually receive in the miracle town of Basay.


Kapaw Festival and its History

Kapaw with the dialect root word “apaw” means overflowing/overflown. In the shores of Basay, fishermen would sail their small boats and hunt the clear blue waters for their livelihood. Some fish would be sold at the market while some are taken home as consumption for their family. Some days would be a bad catch while the rest of the days were just worse.

Under the influence of the Spanish invaders, the religious people prayed all day and night to the town’s patron saint San Nicolas de Tolentino for the hope of a better catch. Alas! The town people’s prayers were heard and indeed not brought only hope but salvation as well. Along the shores of Basay, different variety, size and colors of fishes shimmer the water making the shores twinkle when the sun hits the water.

As a thanksgiving to San Nicolas de Tolentino, the town had a grand celebration called Kapaw Festival. During this week-long celebration, events such as the search for Miss Basay, variety shows, live bands, and parades are being held as part of the town’s celebration.


With marine inspired costumes and big creative headdresses, coral props, boat floats, and vibrant colorful accessories, Kapaw Festival is indeed a must-see festival here in Negros Oriental.