Sandurot Festival 2017 Dumaguete City

Dumaguete – Negros Oriental


The usual celebration of the Sandurot Festival along with the Dumaguete City Fiesta is annually celebrated on the end of November. This year 2017 however will be different. According to the Dumaguete Tourism, they will be moving the Sandurot Festival Street Dancing on the month of September while the city fiesta will still be celebrated on November.

Sandurot Festival

The Sandurot Festival marks the historical practice of the people living in Dumaguete City. Their sweet kind words and gentleness is what brought the celebration of the said festival to life. The Sandurot Festival 2017 will be different in terms of dates; however it has no down sides to celebrate it a little early. The celebration of this festival will start on September 16.

The head of tourism mentioned last February that they will be moving the Sandurot Festival into an earlier time of the year like September. This will give enough time for the dancers to prepare for the grand celebration of the Buglasan Festival and its street dancing and showdown competitions.

This year, Dumaguete will be filled with lots of events happening each month. We will be celebrating the Sandurot Festival in September, Buglasan Festival 2017 in October and the Dumaguete Charter Day (city fiesta) in November, followed by Christmas season in December. What a perfect year of relaxation and festivity!

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