Puhag Festival launched

Valencia – Negros Oriental


The evening of May 28, 2017 marks an important date for the town of Valencia as the new born festival called Puhag Festival is launched by the town officials. The Puhag Festival was presented as a performing group during the Philippine Festival themed competition held by the Chada Valencia.

Puhag Festival

The term puhag means to collect honey. The story line of Puhag Festival circulates on the harvest of honey by the local farmers. The bee farmers called ‘mamuluhas’ wear protective clothes and equipment like long sleeves, bee net hats, and long pants. With rhythmic beating of the drums, the fast-paced dance of this festival brings a scenario of the world of bees and of farmers into life with both thrill and enthusiasm.


With the new festival launched, everybody is intrigued to watch its proper performance during the Valencia Fiesta this coming October. Rumors says that if the Puhag Festival shows promising performances during the town fiesta, they might even participate during the Buglasan Festival which will be celebrated a few days after the Valencia Fiesta. Nevertheless, it is amazing to know that a new edition of culture and tradition is added to the festival season here in Negros Oriental.

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