Kapaw Festival 2018

Basay – Negros Oriental

Kapaw Festival 2018 - Basay - Negros Oriental

Kapaw Festival 2018 in the municipality of Basay, is one of the most awaited celebration in the southern most part of Negros Oriental. Basay is known through out the regional province for the great abundant harvest of marine resources like fishes and shrimps. In celebration with their town fiesta and in honor of San Nicolas de Tolentino, the Kapaw Festival was held on March 15, 2018.

Kapaw Festival 2018 – Street Dancing & Showdown

The Kapaw Festival Street Dancing and Showdown was held on the 15th of March 2018. Colorful festival costumes were seen flooding the streets of Basay in celebration of the street dancing and showdown competition. People from all over Negros Oriental and the world, came to watch the festive celebration.

Aside from the celebration of the actual festival, Basay also held the search for Miss Basay 2018 and Kapaw Congress Night for the enjoyment of everyone.

Watch the Kapaw Festival 2018 Video here!

Happy Fiesta Basay!!!

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