Pasayaw Festival 2018

Canlaon City | Negros Oriental

The celebration of Pasayaw Festival 2018 in Canlaon City was nothing else but a huge success! With perfect sunny weather, colorful costumes and bright smiles, what else could you ask for? Canlaon City is located in the Northernmost area of Negros Oriental in the mountainous area of Mt. Kanlaon boarding to Negros Occidental. The Pasayaw Festival 2018 Street Dancing and Showdown was held last March 19, 2018.

Pasayaw Festival 2018 – Street Dancing and Showdown

Unlike the usual celebration of festivals, the Pasayaw Festival was a non-stop event which started around 1:30 pm in the afternoon. Twelve participating groups (each represents the 12 barangays of Canlaon City) were gathered at the Children’s Park; where form there they made their way to the Oval Track and Field area.

Tiring as it may seem, the festive occasion of the Pasayaw Festival is definitely worth it! Thousands of people flooded the streets of Canlaon City, as well as the oval area/showdown area. This was the first time in almost three years that the DC-Team were given the chance to cover the fiesta and festival events of Canlaon City. We would like to extend our gratitude to Canlaon Mayor Jimmy Jayme L. Clerigo and the different Tourism Officers who made our stay a wonderful experience.

Watch the Pasayaw Festival 2018 Video here!

Until Next Year Canlaon, Happy Fiesata!!!

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