Hudyaka Festival 2017

Bais City – Negros Oriental

Hudyaka Festival 2017 - Bais City

The Hudyaka Festival Street Dancing and Showdown Competition is known as one of the highlights of the Bais City festival and fiesta gathering. Of course, different events such as Miss Bais 2017 Coronation Night, live bands, and variety shows are also important for the said celebration.

The street dancing and the showdown was planned very carefully by the Bais City Tourism Office. Thanks to them, the celebration went to a smooth and successful event even when the heat was boiling hot.

Hudyaka Festival Street Dancing Parade and Showdown

The street dancing started around 1:30 pm around the main streets of Bais City. The seven contingent groups, all barangay and high school representatives, were lined up accordingly as the beat of the drums rose into the hot September air here in Negros Oriental.

The Showdown was held perfectly on time at the Bais City Evacuation Center, where hundreds of locals and guests sat patiently to see the dancers perform. Just a few minutes after reading the guidelines and introduction the judges the, it was show time! The crowd went wild as they cheer for their favorite groups.

History of Hudyaka Festival

Revolving on the abundant marine harvest, the city of Bais celebrates the Hudyaka Festival as thanksgiving to San Nicolas de Tolentino (the city’s patron saint) who is believed to protect and cause the great harvest. The festivity is held with different aquatic features, costumes, floats and even mascots. It is usually celebrated as a whole day of colorful and eventful dancing around the streets of Bais City.

After all the groups performed, it was time for the moment of truth as the judges reveal the winners. All the groups performed their best and they all deserved a big round of applause. However, this is a competition and the judges needed to make the announcements.

Happy Fiesta and Hudyaka Festival 2017 Bais City!!!

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