Dauin Kalye Sayaw 2017

Dauin Kalye Sayaw 2017 - Dauin - Negros Oriental

Dauin is known throughout Negros Oriental as one of the most frequently visited tourist destination due to its attractions of snorkeling and scuba diving. Dauin can also be considered as the gateway to the majestic beauty of Apo Island, where abundant aquatic life lingers beneath the clear blue sea.

Dauin Kalye Sayaw – street dancing & showdown

Dauin Kalye Sayaw is a festival that is newly founded by the Dauin Tourism Office that celebrates the festivity inspired by the aquatic features of the town area and the lives a Dawinanon (native of Dauin). The term ‘Kalye Sayaw” is literally translated from the Bisayan dialect as “Street Dance”.

The streets dancing of the festival was held around the Dauin Poblacion streets at around two in the afternoon yesterday, September 8, 2017. The streets were filled with dancers in their colorful and highly creative costumes. Seven inter-school barangays groups with their king and queen representatives joined in the said festival competition. Different costumes could be spotted including the concepts of turtles, flowy neon flowers and even Tinkerbell and Smurfs.

After the long street dancing parade, all the contingents were gathered back to the Dauin Quadrangle fronting the Municipality Hall. Everybody of the audience was excited and thrilled to see what was different and fun about the Kalye Sayaw of Dauin. True enough, they were all amazed by the synchronized choreography and dance moves the performers had shown. The judges took their time in picking the winner.

King and Queen Kalye Sayaw 2017

But before the announcing of the Dauin Kalye Sayaw 2017, another competition must settle down; the search for the first ever Dauin Kalye Sayaw Festival King and Queen 2017. The representatives of each inter-barangay school were given time to change and prepare for a small pageant night with four main categories (production of festival attire, swim wear, gown, and Q&A).

With the organization of the Dauin Tourism Office and all the support from the Dauin Mayor and Negros Oriental Governor, the celebration of the Dauin Kalye Sayaw was made a great and successful event. Dauin is now a tentative participant of the Buglasan Festival celebration. Congratulations to all the winners of last night’s event.

Happy Fiesta Dauin!!!

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