Mantuod Festival 2018 – Schedule of Activities

The Mantuod Festival 2018 of Manjuyod, will be celebrating their festivities from September 04, 2018 till October 02, 2018. Find video and schedule here!

Sandurot Festival 2018 in Dumaguete City

The Sandurot Festival 2018 is finally here! Who else is excited to celebrate the festivities of Dumaguete City? Check out the full schedule here!

Hudyaka Festival 2018 - Schedule

Hudyaka Festival 2018 – Schedule

Bais City will celebrate the Hudyaka Festival 2018 and its 50th Charter Day celebration from August 10, 2018 till September 10, 2018. Find Schedule here!

Wayboga Festival 2018 – Schedule

The Wayboga Festival 2018 of Amlan is indeed one of the most interesting festivals in Negros Oriental. Read more and find the schedule of the event here!

Tanjay Fiesta 2018 – Schedule of Activities

The Tanjay Fiesta 2018 will be a month-long celebration that will start on the 1st of July till the 30th of July 2018. Find the full schedule here!

Calle de Bailar 2018 – Tayasan

Unlike the previous years in the municipality of Tayasan, the town fiesta celebrated the Calle de Bailar 2018 instead of the Pasalamat Festival. Calle de Bailar is a Spanish phrase that translates to “Street of Dancing”. Click here to read more!

Carabao de Colores Festival 2018 - Vallehermoso - Negros Oriental

Carabao de Colores Festival 2018 – Vallehermoso

Another festival is proudly born in the soil of Negros Oriental. The Carabao de Colores 2018 was nothing else but a huge success at its first ever celebration last May 15 – 20, 2018. Aside from the actual festival there is also another great event…the Miss Carabao de Colores Festival Queen 2018. Read more here!

Tayasan Fiesta 2018 - Negros Oriental - Schedule of Activities

Tayasan Fiesta 2018 – Schedule of Activities

For this year’s Tayasan Fiesta 2018, lads of activities are set for both the locals and visitors from all over the world. From May 08, 2018 till June 13, 2018 one can enjoy the merry making and activities! Click here to read more and see schedule of activities!

Carabao de Colores 2018 in Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental

Carabao de Colores 2018 – Schedule of Activities

The Carabao de Colores 2018 is a new celebration presented by the municipality of Vallehermoso. In the previous years, Vallehermoso celebrates its fiesta celebration with the Kanglambat Festival. But for this year’s festivities, the town will be celebrating with the Carabao de Colores 2018. Click here to read more!

Pakol Festival 2018 – Santa Catalina

The actual festival competition of the Pakol Festival 2018 took place around the town streets and the plaza last April 17, 2018. Colors of yellow, orange, green, brown, and blue flooded the streets as the sound of the drums washed the sleepy town of Santa Catalina. Click here to read more, see galleries and video!