Yamog Festival 2018

Street Dancing & Showdown

Yamog Festival 2018 in Pamplona - Negros Oriental

The successful festivity of the Yamog Festival 2018 marked the second annual celebration of the municipality of Pamplona last October 06, 2018. Thanks to the different organizers and Mayor Janice Degamo, we were able to get our best pictures of the street dancing and showdown.

Brief History of Yamog Festival in Pamplona

Yamog is a dialect word for in the Cebuano dialect means “dew”. The concept of the festival is quite simple yet eye-catching! A scenery of waking up in a dewy garden of fruits and vegetables and of course coffee beans. Pamplona picked a certain coffee bean as their mascot of the Yamog Festival that gives an even amazing and funny touch to the said celebration. (Read the full story here)

Yamog Festival 2018 – Street Dancing and Showdown

There were only four participating group of dancers. Each group is a cluster of different barangays. The street dancing of the Yamog Festival 2018 started almost late in the afternoon, but with only four groups there was still enough sunlight for some great shots!

The showdown was held at the Gymnasium near the Pamplona plaza. Opening remarks were said and not after long, the showdown began. Overall, for a festival that was only celebrating their second annual event, it was great!

Happy Yamog Festival 2018 Pamplona!

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