Puhag Festival 2018

Valencia – Negros Oriental

Puhag Festival 2018 - Valencia - Negros Oriental

The Puhag Festival 2018 in the highland area of Valencia, Negros Oriental was flooded with the sound of music and colorful festival colors. Held last October 09, 2018 during a bright sunny day, the festival was nothing else but a huge festival. The Puhag Festival 2018 marks the second time celebration of the actual festival in Valencia.

Brief History of Puhag Festival in Valencia

The story of this bee inspired festival in Valencia goes way back in the olden days during the great harvest of honey in the forestry of the municipality. The term “puhag” is a Visayan dialect the means to collect honey. Read more about Puhag Festival here.

Puhag Festival 2018 – Street Dancing and Showdown

The street dancing and the showdown of the Puhag Festival was held at the streets of Valencia and at the town plaza, respectively. The Puhag Festival 2018 was organized by the Tourism Office of Valencia headed by Albert Tubal.  This year’s festival has only four participating school groups. Despite not being plenty in number, the performance of each group was spot on.

The streets were indeed paraded with talent and laughter as each group made their dance with a touch of comedy and butt wiggling from the bees. Everything started on time and it was just a great event!

Watch the Puhag Festival 2018 Video here:

Happy Fiesta Valencia and Happy Puhag Festival 2018!

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