Rap and Hip-Hop Dance Competition

Buglasan Festival 2017

Buglasan Festival 2017 Hip-Hop and Rap Competition

The Rap and Hip-Hop Dance Competition of the Buglasan Festival 2017 was held on October 16, 2017 at the big Freedom Park Stage. Thousands of people passed by and came to watch the enthusiastic event. Different groups from the municipalities, cities, and towns of Negros Oriental came and participated.

Rap & Hip Hop Dance Competition

After the respective opening prayer and national anthem, all the dancers and rappers came to the stage and had a glorious 30 second introduction each before they had a “get-together-party” dance around the stage as the opening of the whole show. The two active hosts did a very good job in keeping the audience even more alive just before the first group of rappers performed. Both the older and younger generations came and watched the event.

Rap and Hip Hop Dance-Buglasan Festival

Just when the rapping contest was about to end, the weather seemed to enjoy too much that it poured down it’s drops to the whole event. The audience sought shelter around the covered booths and even the stage. The show was somewhat stopped for a few minutes until the evening skies calmed down and stop. Despite the muddy field and chilly night, the show went on as the rappers and dancers continued to rock the night away.

Rap & Hip-Hop Dance Competition Results:

Rap Competition:

1sts – Guihulngan City
2nd – Basay
3rd – Siaton

Hip-Hop Dance:

1st – Sibulan
2nd – Tayasan
3rd – Dumaguete City


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