Miss Negros Oriental 2017

Miss Negros Oriental 2017 - Coronation Night

The celebration of Buglasan Festival 2017 revolves around so many great main events including the search for Miss Negros Oriental 2017. There were three pre-pageants held (presentation, bikini, and talent) before the Coronation Night which was held on October 15, 2017. There were 13 candidates who represented some of the municipalities, towns, and cities of Negros Oriental.

Miss Negros Oriental 2017 – Coronation Night

There were thirteen candidates who joined in the celebration of the beauty pageant. With four major categories, all the lovely candidates were able to show what a true Negrense woman could be. The first part of the show was the production number. Covered in fitting gold dresses and flowy side curtain-like cloth, the candidates shimmered like a goddess as they walked around the stage.

The whole show was quite smooth with little intermission talks from the hosts. After the production number, the candidates went back to the stage as they show a little more of the sexy and curvy bodies each of them maintains. The first part of the question and answer portion of the competition was done after the bikini walk. This is also known as the elimination round for the top 5 Miss Negros Oriental 2017.

After the bikini round and the first part of the Q & A, the candidates went backstage to transform from a revealing sexy woman to a covered and elegant lady. The evening gown was themed to the color green which represents health, freshness, growth, and fertility.

Awarding Results

After their gracious walk, they were lines up accordingly for the minor awarding of the competition. The top 5 who made it to the next round were the candidates from Tanjay City, Dumaguete City, Ayungon, Bais City and Valencia. After their last winning question, it was time to crown the next Miss Negros Oriental 2017.

Miss Negros Oriental 2017 – Daphne Kyara Almagre (Bais City)
1st Runner-up – Haidegard Manahon (Valencia)
2nd Runner-up – Deborah Belen Villaflores (Dumaguete City)
3rd Runner-up – Jianne Althea Germudo (Ayungon)
4th Runner-up – Marian Mae Calunsag (Tanjay)

Best in Talent – Haidegard Manahon (Valencia)
Best in Swimsuit – Marian Mae Calunsag (Tanjay)
Best in Gown – Mary Gold Ivana Sarno (Bacong)
Best Speaker – Haidegard Manahon (Valencia)
Best in Production Number – Daphne Kyara Almagre (Bais City)

Congratulations to Miss Negros Oriental 2017!!!

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