Hudyaka Festival 2018 of Bais City

Negros Oriental

Hudyaka Festival 2018 - Tapasayaw Festival 2018 - Showdown

The Hudyaka Festival 2018 of Bais City last September 07, 2018 was nothing else but a huge success! It was indeed a celebration of festivities and merrymaking. Hundreds of people from Bais City and Negros Oriental came to watch both the Street Dancing and Showdown of the event. Although the official name of the festivity is Tapasayaw Festival 2018, Bais City will still treasure the term Hudyaka Festival as it’s true name.

Hudyaka Festival 2018 – Street Dancing & Showdown

The weather gods above were kind enough to give Bais City a good weather after a week-long of rain during the actual Hudyaka sa Bais Festival 2018. The street dancing in the started around 1:30 pm. By this time the heat great hotter and hotter. Despite the weather, the performers got a nice tan and continued to perform to their very best during the street dancing.

Right after the street dancing, all were gathered at the multi-purpose gymnasium of Bais City. Hundreds of people were inside the gym and almost every inch available for the audience area was filled! Only the dance floor was left clear for the performers.

Watch the Hudyaka Festival 2018 in Bais City Video below:

Bais City has always been a great host and a great city to visit every year. Happy Fiesta Bais City 2018!!!

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