Dolphin Watching

Bais City – Negros Oriental

Dolphin Watching in Baic City - Negros Oriental

The Philippines gives its visitors the chance to get near to some of the smartest and most fun-loving animals without distracting them in their natural habitat. Watching dolphins is among the most famous attractions in Bais City and lets others see these wonderful animals in their oceanic environment rather than watching them in an aquarium.

Bais City’s Dolphins

Located around 45 km to Dumaguete’s north, Bais can be reached in around an hour. The morning hours, immediately after the sun rises, is the best time to watch the dolphins. Here, there are various dolphin-watching tour agencies to select from. Most of these tour companies tend to work only in the March – October period, as during the other periods, the dolphins cannot be seen clearly due to the climate and boat rides through the waters are difficult as well.

Dolphins in Bais City - Negros Oriental

The busiest months are April and May, when there is the maximum rush of tourists and explorers in this region, whereas the September – October period see the Tañon Strait – located between Cebu and Negros – enjoying some of the most serene conditions. Visitors always need to call beforehand for bookings – preferably 1 month prior to going on a tour, as boats quickly fill up during summer months. Visitors can at times hire boats owned privately if they cannot book a tour. But private operators have to be authorized by the Bais Tourism Office.

Dolphin Watching in Bais – A Wonderful Experience

Most trips for dolphin watching have trained dolphin spotters who can help tourists to spot dolphin when they come near boats. Dolphins are curious animals and love to see boats. Dolphins in pods might play in areas close by, leaping from the water and swimming around or under the boats, for as long as one hour at times. They can easily be seen due to clear waters. As the boat rides are slow and relaxed, the dolphins are never injured or scared. Visitors may be able to see bottlenose dolphins and pantropical spotted dolphins having spotted backs.

Many visitors like to feed or swim with dolphins, but there is a ban on both activities. These are creatures of the wild and are beautiful and elegant. Their behavior is also unpredictable. Bais dolphins, unlike their counterparts in other places, are not trained to swim with humans. Visitors can be injured by such dolphins, which might get scared while swimming.

Dolphin feeding is prohibited as well, given that locals never like to have them depend on men. Lots of dolphin-watching trips stop at the Manjuyod Sandbar, mangrove forest or other attractions. These trips are the best activity in Bais for visitors who wish to watch peaceful creatures in their natural environment.