Hudyaka Festival in Bais

Bais – Negros Oriental

Hudyaka Festival in Bais City

Hudyaka Festival of Bais City is annually celebrated on the first week of September. This celebration of marine inspired tales has caught the attention of many Negrense. Bais is known for dolphin watching tours they offer and of course the relaxing beaches where they come to catch their fish and other marine creatures.

Hudyaka Festival and its History

It all started when fishermen would go out fishing for means of livelihood and some for consumption. Every day would bring a good supply of marine catch to the whole town. But one season the town’s marine catch decreased tremendously causing famine to the whole town.

Faced with these trials, the towns people of Bais prayed to their patron saint; San Nicolas de Tolentino. In the spiritual corners of heaven, the town’s prayers were heard as the blessings of food arose from the shores of Bais. As a thanksgiving ritual, the Hudyaka was created.

During the celebration of the Hudyaka Festival, the streets would be filled by music, colorful costumes, street dancing, and sometimes singing. Most of the things that can be seen during this festival is marine inspired. From fishes to sea urchin, shrimps, and even sea horses, can be seen.

Other events such as the search for Miss Bais, live bands, disco, and even foam parties will be held during the Hudyaka Festival celebration.

Watch the Hudyaka Festival 2017 slideshow below: