It has a population of over 42,000 residents in Negros Oriental, which is situated to Dumaguete’s north. The Manjuyod municipality has long been a top attraction for every season for visitors from far and near. This is an ideal gateway for tourists and is visited every year by many people. The area thrives on contrast and diversity and is known for its natural beauty and diverse culture. It is situated in the Oriental Negroes’ northern region. It has the Bais on its south and Bindoy on its northern part. It is around 58 km from the Dumaguete city. The place constitutes of as many as 27 barangays and is spread over a vast region of 264 sq. km.

How to Get to Manjuyod?

It is around 68 km to the north of Dumaguete City. Travelers can visit it in summer or in any season, and the place is famous for its white sand bar.

A Ceres Bus ride is a good way to get to this place. It takes around 1 ½ hour from the Dumaguete City. They will need to pay just Php 75.00 for non-AC rides and Php 85.00 for AC rides. One may also take a van for hire (V-hire) to go to Manjuyod. One can reach the place from Dumaguete as well, in just 1 1/2 hours at a cost of only around Php 70.00.

Manjuyod – A Short History

This Oriental Negros municipality is as old as when Spaniards first entered the region. Inhabitation was preferred here after the locals detested their previous domicile that turned extremely crowded. The place was actually named after its early settlers.

Manjuyod - Negros Oriental - Saint John de Asisi Parish Altar

Places of Interest and Tourist Spots

If anyone likes to experience the indigenous traditions and culture in the Philippines, they should visit this municipality. Manjuyod has many things on offer as far as tourism is concerned. The primary revenue source here is tourism. People love to come here to get a first-hand experience of the white sandbar. With such amazing features, Manjuyod is really outstanding and among the most in-demand destinations for many people who come to visit Negros Oriental. It has a narrow white sandbar that spreads more than 6 km of the beach strip at its lowest tide.

It offers breathtaking sceneries and is among the natural features that can stay long in the mind once the eyes rest on them. Trippers can be almost spoilt for choices as far as delicacies are concerned. The area is renowned for its delicious seafood dishes, prepared with catches from the ocean, caught and cooked fresh.

Manjuyod - Negros Oriental

Manjuyod Schools

The municipality seems to have put great focus on its education facilities. It primarily aims to offer superior basic education to young people. The Manjuyod National High school, for instance, has been the topmost source for superior education. Don Daniel Sycip set up in 1948. The area also has many other wonderful schools offering superior education.

Manjuyod Fiesta

Manjuyod is synonymous with the Saint Francis of Assisi, who is the patron of the place. Every October 4 is dedicated to him and celebrated here. It is basically a holiday, a no-work day here, which shows its importance for the natives. The celebration of the Mantuod Festival in Manjuyod is truly a great experience that no one should miss!

If anyone is basically looking for a nice destination to spend some days in, he should head to Manjuyod while visiting Negros. Manjuyod has become a time-honored destination to visit for many. If a traveler does not spend some time here, he is going to regret his decisions. This is a spot unlike others and can let visitors unwind after a hectic schedule. The place has some amazing natural features and friendly individuals.

It is worthwhile for anyone who wants to make a short trip to some destination from Negros’ hottest tourist spots.