Wayboga Festival 2018

9th Anniversary Smoke Free Amlan | Schedule

Wayboga Festival 2018 - Schedule - Amlan - Negros Oriental

The Wayboga Festival of Amlan is indeed one of the most interesting festivals in Negros Oriental. They are serious in promoting a smoke-free municipality that with great determination the municipality will be celebrating the 9th Anniversary of Smoke-Free Amlan.

Here is the flow of program and schedule for the

Wayboga Festival 2018:


Part 1: Salubong Parade at 6:30 am at Tandayag Wharf to Amlan Plaza, Bio-os to Amlan Plaza


*National Anthem,
*Invocation, Most. Rev. Henrix Alar
*Opening Message, Honorable Gino P. Dela Cruz Municipal Mayor
*Mascot Display and Competition 1-6 Participants
*Intermission Number- Smoke Free Draw I Tell Champion
*Smoke-Free Message , Honorable Herry Pryle Teves Mayor of Bayawan City Negros Oriental
* Mascot Display and Competition  7-11
* Brief message from invited Guests
*Giving of Certificates and Tokens
* Acknowledgement
* Declaration of Winners
* Closing Remarks, Honorable Analinda esparcia SB on Health
Host Mr. Adelle Abalos & Ms. Dorothy Montecino


Wayboga Festival Street Dancing and Showdown
Part1: Street Dancing at 2:30 pm
the assembly area is outside Amlan National High School

Part2: Showdown
*National Anthem, Invocation, Rev. Pastor Jesus A. Belotindos Jr.
* Opening Remarks, Honorable Bentham P. Dela Cruz
* Introduction of the Judging Panel, Mr. John John Alabata
*Contest Guidelines and Criteria
*Competition Proper
a. Contingent 1
b. Wayboga Acapella Cluster 1
c. Contingent 2
d. Wayboga Acapella Cluster 2
e.Contingent  3
f. Wayboga Acapella Cluster 3
g. Contingent  4
h. Wayboga Acapella Cluster 4
*Intermission Number
*Giving of Certificates, Tokens & Acknowledgement
*The Big Reveal for winners.
Host: Ms. Noreen H. Tapis & Mr. Denver Villamino

Wacth the Wayboga Festival 2017 slideshow video below:

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