Twin Lakes

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park – Negros Oriental

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park - Negros Oriental

In clear weather, the waters of Lake Danao and Lake Balinsasayao (Twin Lakes) are as blue as the sky above. Narrow mountains covered by thick exotic vegetation cover the lakes from every side. In misty weather, the whole area appears to be a scene from a legend or fairytale. Going to here seems like an adventure, although one can feel his stress disappearing when he arrives here. It is located just past the town proper of Sibulan but before the San Jose Plaza.

How to Reach the Twin Lakes?

The Twin Lakes are the name given to two deep, small freshwater lakes snuggled in the mountain range of Cuernos de Negros. The mountain roads are steep and visitors may find it challenging to reach the lakes. People can take a bus to the Twin Lakes junction, close to the Sibulan town. After this, they can make a motorcycle ride or locally known as habal-habal. But those who do not love motorbike ride can go on jeep tours – offered by some Dumaguete hotels, with specialist drivers taking tourists up and down the roads. The road can handle cars, vans, and even trucks as well.

Twin Lakes – Nature Pure

Just breathing in the fresh air of the mountains can be enough to get rid of anxieties in the Twin Lakes area. This region has many different kinds of wildlife, such as monitor lizards, leopard cats, and monkeys. One can also find interesting foliage and some endangered species close to the area. Visitors may go on hiking along the trails and view some wildlife specimens during the trip.

Once the trek ends, visitors can try boating for Php 250 per hour or a kayak for Php 150 per hour. Afterwards, you can have lunch in a local restaurant with a scene of the lake. Tourists may also bring meals and have them in any of the picnic spots to be found around the region. Overnight camping, carp fishing etc happen to be some other activities, so long as tourists bring along their own gear. One cannot rent camping or fishing gear anywhere about the Twin Lakes.

(see next picture for prices of entrance & activities)

Lake Balinsasayao-Twi Lakes-Negros-Oriental

The Twin Lakes are excellent for nature enthusiasts. The exotic vegetation, clear lakes and hiking trails can be uplifting for anyone who looks for tranquility in an outdoor ambience.

Watch the Twin Lakes Video below:

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