Sinulog Festival 2018

Jimalalud – Negros Oriental

Sinulog sa Jimalalud 2018 - Neros Oriental

The annual celebration of the Sinulog Festival is celebrated around the Philippines. The grandest events are celebrated in Cebu City. However, here in Negros Oriental, the municipality of Jimalalud, takes great pride in celebrating their very own Sinulog Festival/ Sinulog sa Jimalalud.

Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Festival is not just any cultural and religious celebration that most people think of. It is the gathering and thanksgiving occasion where most Roman Catholic believer gather in to celebrate the day of the Holy Child Jesus; commonly known as Santo Niño. Floats, street parades, prayer processions and music festivity are some of the highlight events of any Sinulog Festival.

Sinulog sa Jimalalud 2018

The Sinulog Festival 2018 in Jimalalud is unlike any other festival in the island of Negros Oriental. With the patron saint as Santo Niño, it is a great deal in celebrating such festivity. One of the highlight of this festival is, of course, the street dancing parade of the showdown. In this case, both of the big events were held last January 13, 2018, around the town streets and the Jimalalud Gymnasium respectively.

Sinulog Street Dancing Parade

The street dancing parade for this year’s Sinulog Festival in Jimalalud was a bit delayed because of the heavy rain. Some would expect the people to be grouchy and complain about the weather, but for the people of Jimalalud, they found rain as a means of blessing from God and heaven. True enough, (thanks to the ever-religious people of Jimalalud) the rain stopped and rays of sunshine were seen once more. Wearing their best smiles and highly positive festival spirits, all the performers of the parade gave joy to all who watches them.

Sinulog Festival 2018 – Showdown

After the enthusiastic performance around the Jimalalud streets, all the contingents and performers gathered back at the overflowed crowd and spectators of the Jimalalud Gymnasium.

It might have been the rain or the wet streets that triggered the people to seek shelter and were forced to watch show. After all, a lot of Filipinos are known for being afraid of the rain, hot weather, complaining customers, standing in the middle of the road, and even doing their job fairly. But honestly speaking, I think they were all there to see the amazing performances and feel the true “Pit Senyor” spirit.

If you missed to celebrate Sinulog Festival 2018 in Jimalalud, watch the slideshow video below and be filled with the pit senyor spirit. Viva Pit Senyor!! Viva Santo Niño!!!

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