Puhag Festival 2017

Valencia – Negros Oriental

Puhag Festival 2017 - Valencia-Negros Oriental

The awaited celebration of the promised Puhag Festival 2017, has finally made its way to the municipality of Valencia. The festivities were even more gleeful with the on-going celebration of the town fiesta held last October 08, 2017. The Puhag Festival street dancing parade and showdown was indeed a buzzing celebration. The Puhag Festival was launched back May 28, 2017 and was promised to be first ever celebrated along the town fiesta. One thing for sure, Valencia knows how to keep a promise.

Puhag Festival 2017 – Street Dancing and Showdown

The street dancing parade of the Puhag Festival 2017 was held around the streets of Valencia. The street was given life with colorful bee-costumes shaded with colors of yellow, orange, white and black. The buzzing festival flooded the streets with its heavy rhythmic drum beats that even the crowd were integer to dance along with the bee dancers.

Despite the cloudy afternoon, the dancers and the audience were will in the high spirits to celebrate Puhag Festival. The different performing groups were full of enthusiasm and joy, which could be clearly seen is some of the pictures below. Another thing that could be well appreciated is the great performance of each group’s festival queen, rather known as Queen Bee. It was just a sight of fun and amusement.

After the first main event of the street dancing parade, it was time for the different groups to battle their best in the Puhag Festival Showdown competition. The spectators and the cheering audiences were packed at the town plaza grand stand as their favored groups performed before their very eyes.

The first ever celebration of the Puhag Festival 2017 was a great success, thanks to all the organizers and of course the performers. The DC-Team enjoyed the new tradition that the town of Valencia develops. Until next year.

Happy Puhag Festival 2017 – Valencia!!!

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