Mantuod Festival 2017

Manjuyod | Negros Oriental

Mantuod Festival 2017 - Manjuyod - Negros Oriental

The municipality of Manjuyod celebrates the Mantuod Festival 2017 as a thanksgiving to their patron saint, Saint Francis of Assisi. With the fruitful harvest of sweet organic mangoes called Tuod, the streets of Manjuyod is flooded by colorful shades of green, yellow, and orange. Although the sun was pretty shy during the event, everyone was thankful that the rain didn’t overwhelm the weather and ruin any of the planned festivity.

Showdown and Street Dancing

The tourism officers and head organizers of Manjuyod kicked-off the festival celebration with the showdown competition for Mantuod Festival 2017. The showdown was held at the Manjuyod Gymnasium. Of course, the respective opening prayer, national anthem, opening remarks, and offertory were given before the dancers could perform. All the performers were rewarded with the audience’s cheers, especially from their supporters.

After the showdown, the dancers were neatly organized to the streets to have their dancing parade. Both locals and guests crowded the streets just to watch the performers. Although the route for the street dancing was pretty quick, they were still able to showcase a good performance.

Win or lose, all groups were happy and contented. After the whole afternoon of festivity, the performers and spectators were given a treat with a disco party after the announcement of winners.

Happy Mantuod Festival 2017 and Viva Saint Francis of Assisi!!!

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