Libod Sayaw Festival 2018

Bindoy | Negros Oriental

Bindoy - Libod Sayaw Festival 2018

For the past few years of attending several festivals and fiesta celebrations, the municipality of Bindoy and it’s Libod Sayaw Festival is one of out most awaited event. The town of Bindoy are surely hospitable and were very kind to accommodate us during our coverage of the events.

Libod Sayaw Festival 2018

The celebration of the Libod Sayaw Festival 2018 in Bindoy took place around the town streets as a thanksgiving praise to the town’s patron saint, San Vicente Ferrer. Bindoy is known through out Negros Oriental for its overflowing marine harvest and abundant marine resources.

Street Dancing and Showdown

The Libod Sayaw Festival 2018 Street Dancing and Showdown competition started in the afternoon with only five participation groups. The streets were full of people both locals and guests. Despite the blazing heat of the sun that afternoon, the dancers showed their great determination by doing their best with big bright smiles.

After the venturing the streets of Bindoy, it was time for the five performing groups to battle in the showdown competition of the Libod Sayaw Festival 2018.  There were different props used during the showdown. From paper to wooden boats, nets and even blowing confetti! It was quite a show and the DC-Team quite enjoyed themselves despite the heat. The greatest souvenirs we got was not a keychain or a shirt with a “Libod Sayaw Festival 2018” print…instead we had a great time and a good sunburn.

Happy Fiesta Bindoy!!!

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