Buglasan Festival 2017

Festival of Festivals – Negros Oriental

Buglasan Festival 2017

Buglasan Festival is indeed approaching. The celebration of another year’s gleeful shouting and happy hours are about to come. Buglasan Festival 2017 will be celebrated this year on the 13th up to the 22nd of October.

The Big Events

As one of the opening events of the Buglasan Festival, the booths opening is what marks the celebration of the event. The Miss Negros Oriental beauty pageant will be expected on the first weekend of the celebration while the Festival of Festivals Competition will be held on Friday, October 20, 2017.

All other events are still being finalized by the Negros Oriental Tourism, who are actually in charge of the whole celebration. We will still be expecting events such as Rondalla, Balak, Balitaw, modern Hip hop, ballroom dancing, live band and singing competitions as part of the grand event. The great program surely pulls away the oldest man from his TV to celebrate this colorful festival with all Negrense.

More updates will be posted when official announcements of schedules are released by the Negros Oriental Tourism.

What and Where?

Even with the festival moths before the actual celebration, it would still be a holiday worthwhile your time. If one plans to visit during the Buglasan Festival, we suggest on having your bookings as early as possible for rates may change during this peak season here in Negros Oriental. Booking as early as possible may even give you the best rates and maybe even discounts for your hotel, inn guesthouse other accommodations. Everything could be of walking distance here in the city, therefore it would be hard to miss any of these events.

For visitors who wish to see more of Dumaguete City and its culture, comfy and affordable apartments can be rented all over the city. A few kilometers from the busy streets of the city, one can also find a shore packed with affordable resorts to stay during the celebration. And as the highlight events of Buglasan Festival 2017 will be celebrated in the afternoon and in the evening, visitors can have a relaxing morning swim around the beaches in Dauin.

Buglasan Festival will be as promising as the rest of Buglasan Festival that have been celebrated here in Dumaguete City, therefore all we can do is do the count down until this festivity starts.

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  1. MIN U KIM
    MIN U KIM says:

    We are Korean.
    I will continue to participate in the Buglasan festival for 10 years.
    I especially appreciate the festival guidance early this year.

    1. Various care for foreigners
    2. Confident on a safe tour
    3. Buglasan Festival schedule (10days)

    We like Buglasan festivals
    I like the Philippines.

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Hi MIN U KIM,
      Thank you for commenting. I am glad to assure you that foreigners who visit Dumaguete City are very well taken care of. They are welcomed to various celebrations around the city, especially during Buglasan Festival. Regarding the schedules of event, the regional tourism office have not yet released the schedules. We will post and update it in the website as soon as it is released. I hope you enjoy this coming Buglasan Festival.
      Best Regards

    MINU KIM says:

    1. I am glad I did not have this program in 2016.
    Wednesday – October 21, 2015
    5:30 pm Negros Oriental Jazz Band Concert at Robinsons Place Atrium

    I would like to have a Jazz Band Concert in 2017.
    If you can …

    2. I would like to know the telephone number of the foreigner’s help for safety.

    Every year I enjoy festivals and shopping in Dumaguete.

    I am glad to be able to comment on this.

    This is probably the first time you will be guided from three months ago.
    thank you very much.
    Pray for the grace of God


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