Buglasan Festival 2017 Marching Band Competition

Elementary & High School

High School Marching Band Competition -Buglasan Festival 2017

One of the competitions held during the Buglasan Festival 2017 event includes the parading and Marching Band Competition Elementary and High School category. The competition was held on October 14, 2017, at the Perdices Colosseum of Dumaguete City.

Elementary Marching Competition

The Elementary Marching Band Competition started around 9:30 am on a cloudy and chilly morning. But despite this, the little performers were in their colorful uniforms and marched and swayed the weather away. It was a really cute sight to see the elementary students dance and perform with full happy spirits. They were all awarded by the roaring cheers of the many hundreds of viewers.

High School Marching Band

The High School Marching Band Competition was held on the ‘still cloudy’ and rainy afternoon around 3:30 pm. The competition had three different categories; Inter-Collegiate Marching Band, Marching Band Competition A (full band with brass instruments), Marching Band Competition B (full band only).

The weather gods were not so participative during the celebration that after one group had their performance, the clouds went pouring down heavier than cats and dogs. But despite the heavens crying down on an event like Buglasan, the performers were still in full spirit to march and dance. Heavy rains will not be a hindrance for a good show and performance, especially in a celebration like Buglasan Festival 2017.

High School Marching Band Competition Results:

Inter-Collegiate Marching Band

1st – Silliman University
2nd – St. Paul’s University Dumaguete
3rd – Negros Oriental State University

Marching Band Competition – Category A

1st – St. Louis School-Don Bosco
2nd – St. Paul’s University Dumaguete
3rd – Valencia National High School

Marching Band Competition – Category B

1st – Jose B. Cardenas Memorial High School
2nd – Negros Oriental High School
3rd – Basay National High School

All the groups did their best in the different categories and the audience surely enjoyed all their performance.

Congratulation to all of you!

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