Buglasan Festival 2017 Grand Opening

Buglasan Festival 2017 Grand Opening

The grand opening of the Buglasan Festival 2017 yesterday, October 13, 2017, was not only graced by the presence of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte but by the heavy raindrops and thousands of visitors and Duterte supporters as well. The crowd maximized the traffic that Dumaguete City is already known for. But despite the gloomy weather, the DC-Team were still able to be in full Buglasan spirit and were able to be in the front line of show.

Opening Buglasan Negrense Parade

The Buglasan Negrense Parade was held in the wet pavements and grey-skied weather of yesterday’s afternoon. However, the participants in their drenched marching band uniforms and colored shirts were still able to give some bright smiles to the opposing weather.

Buglasan Booth Exhibitions

After the parade, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and other government heads went to the Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Complex to announce the official opening of the Buglasan Festival 2017. During the president’s speech, he included some “unapologetic” statements regarding his previews ranting. Many locals and guests watched the president deliver his welcoming speech and then flooded directly to the booths for the ribbon cutting.

There are so many events that will be held in celebration to Buglasan Festival. Don’t forget to check them out! See Buglasan Festival 2017 Schedule of Events here.

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